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River Tees Bridges

As the River Tees takes it’s journey towards the east coast their are quite a few bridges that help people, cars etc get from one side of the river to the other. We will give you information on the different River Tees bridges and how they came to be, such as the most famous of them all the Transporter bridge situated in Middlesbrough.

River Tees BridgesThe River Tees is one of the most breath taking of UK rivers,. Seventy miles long, the source is located on the North Pennines near Cross Fell in Cumbria, also very close in fact only a couple miles of the source of both the Wear and the South Tyne.

The river is first crossed by a bridge at Moor House after travelling through cold and windy moorland, even though it could be explained as bleak the landscape is still offers some fantastic views. After the bridge the river then reaches Cow Green reservoir, the river courses down through England’s longest cataract at Cauldron Snout to the magnificent waterfalls at High and Low Force, a haven for tourists in the summer.

So far the bridges available are only via foot, however the river runs on down to Middleton-in-Teesdale where it is crossed by the first public road bridge.

The river then flows through farmland past several picturesque villages there are several more bridges, including one of the newest on the Tees, until the town of Barnard Castle is reached.