The River Tees Source

river tees source The River Tees source is located in Cumbria, northern England. Its source, on the eastern slope of Cross Fell in the north Pennines is marked with a stone that is covered in Lichen. The Tees then flows eastwards for 137km to reach the chilly waters of the North Sea, between Redcar and Hartlepool very close to Middlesbrough.

Cross Fell

Cross Fell summit is a beautiful part of the UK, the summit is marked with a cross-shaped dry-stone shelter. Weather permitting views can be enjoyed as far as the mountains of the Lake District. Cross Fells northern side also boasts breathtaking views across the Solway Firth to uplands of Scotland.

The Fell can have dramatic weather changes and spends a large part of year hidden in fog and attacked by high winds. The weather conditions can make the area pretty unforgiving, with ancients believing the screeching winds were calls from evil spirits.

Walkers from all over the country enjoy the somewhat challenging walks across Cross Fell. Interesting blogs and articles are readily available on the internet with these delightful  images kindly shared with

teesdale-2  shelter