The Transporter Bridge

imagesThe Transporter Bridge has stood proud on the banks of the River Tees since 1911. It is the largest working transporter in England and the second largest working example in the world. Many people use the bridge to raise funds for charity by bungee jumping and abseiling from the top of the bridge, the only bridge in the UK were you can bungee jump from.

Since the bridge was created, it has stood as symbol to Teesside’s industrial might. The bridge was actually first suggested in 1872 by a man called Charles Smith, manager of the then Hartlepool iron works.

Transporter Timeline:

  • 1872 – The bridge was first suggested.
  • 1907 – The bridge was commissioned by parliament.
  • 1910/11 – The bridge was constructed by Sir William Arrol & CO
  • 1911 – 17th October, The bridge was opened.

The bridge remains in perfect working order to present and only closes when forced to by high winds and bad weather conditions.

Opening times for Vehicles & Pedestrians

Monday 7am-6.45pm
Tuesday 7am-6.45pm
Wednesday 7am-6.45pm
Thursday 7am-6.45pm
Friday 7am-6.45pm
Saturday 9.30am-3.15pm
Closed –